Bejeweled Stars

Bejeweled Stars

By Electronic Arts

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-05-10
  • Current Version: 2.23.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 178.40 MB
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4.5/5 ( 63,913 App Reviews)
  • Price:
Bejeweled Stars App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 63,913 App Reviews

Bejeweled Stars App Details

Be brilliant in Bejeweled Stars, a match-3 experience like no other! Experience endless fun and unique challenges every day in a beautiful world filled with surprises, explosions, and playful puzzles. Combine sparkling gems to earn rewards, create boosts when you need them most, uncover collectible emojis to express yourself, and even control the game board itself as you play. DISCOVER AMAZING CHALLENGES Bejeweled Stars comes to life with exciting twists and distinctive ways to play. Master moving Currents of gems to enhance your matching strategy. Maneuver gem-filled Clouds around the board, causing winning cascades. Rescue floating butterflies before they slip away into the sky. EARN, COLLECT, AND SHARE BEJEWELED EMOJIS Open chests to reveal exclusive and delightful Bejeweled emojis that let you express your own style and send personal messages. There are hundreds to enjoy as you play! CREATE GAME-WINNING BOOSTS Collect SkyGems and use them to create special boosts. Use the Star Swapper to blast through difficult spots. Shuffle the game board for new matches with the Scrambler. Deploy the boosts you want, when you want them, and perfect your winning strategy. LIGHT UP THE NIGHT SKY Earn shining stars with every level you play. Watch as they fill Constellations in the sky and unlock amazing rewards! BECOME A STAR Looking for some friendly competition? Each level has its own leaderboard, making it easy to track progress in the game, compete with friends, and show off your powerful skills. Go to your shiny place in this matching experience that takes you far away from the everyday. Important Consumer Information. This app: Requires a persistent Internet connection (network fees may apply). Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. Includes in-game advertising. Collects data through third party analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details). Contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13. User Agreement: Privacy and Cookie Policy: Visit for assistance or inquiries EA may retire online features after 30 days' notice posted on


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App Reviews

  • Family game!

    By The family x
    A great game for the entire family.
  • It’s just OK

    By IssaMMT
    Most annoying part, the game always freezes and it’s always when I’m about to complete the level.
  • Worthless

    By ,.?64'nrhn😉☺️👶rkjehi
    Impossible they vs me isn’t spending a dime on this worthless app
  • Update. Loved it at first

    By PLM-DE
    I used to play bejeweled classic and blitz all the time but moved on to other games for awhile and forgot about it. Then I discovered this one, and it’s fun! Update, eh. It’s very pretty and it was fun at first. But really, it’s too complicated. It does seem to be more about the power ups than simply matching gems. I don’t feel like going through all the, use these complicated recipes for power ups with sky gems, wait for a specific amount of time, then use the right ones in the right place at the right time. Then there’s all these other things, a chicken that lays eggs, a llama that asks questions, a chest that opens once a day, challenges that are basically impossible, and emojis you just use in the game, for what I don’t know, except to answer the llama’s questions. It’s ridiculous! I just want to match gems. I don’t want to think. That’s what I do at work. So, I’m bored of this game. Might go back to the classic. Or the blitz if it hasn’t gotten complicated too.
  • Cheating spider

    By michv8
    The cheating spider continues to take a butterfly that has already been captured. I like this format that I am playing now thank you for doing a good job
  • Freezes constantly. Don’t waste your time.

    By TexiCalGal
  • Needs to Keep Up!

    By D-Nelly
    Please update the astrological point collecting the stars if you don't produce more star patterns to collect! I've been through at least four updates now and you still haven't updated THAT part of the game!
  • Waiting

    By Dragonfly1124
    Just wondering when this game will update the gem/star progress
  • Was liking it until......

    By RKPI
    I just recently added this game and I absolutely loved it and definitely addictive. But I got stuck at I think number 57, and have been trying innumerable times to get past that and can't. Maybe some day.....??? I wish there was a way to move on after a certain amount of tries. Otherwise it gets to the point where it is just frustrating and not so much fun anymore. Of course challenges are good, but I'm at the point of being about to give up. I'm not into spending money on buying coins either. So will see how it goes. Maybe I'll figure out how to get past this, or else I will soon delete the app unfortunately, as it is so much fun otherwise. I think, after a certain amount of tries, there should be a way to cut some slack and let you move on to the next one. Or else, just make it easier! It's some weeks later since first I wrote. Right after I wrote the above, I finally made it past number 57. It felt like quite an accomplishment! I have added a star. One big problem is how addictive it is. It could take over my life, I hope that doesn't happen! There seems to be a problem with level 127. I have been on it for days, I must have tried 30 or 40 times, and I think there is something wrong, I think there is some glitch on that level, because the crystals should be exploding and disappearing but they are not. So I hope someone sees this and can fix it, cause I will never get beyond this level if it isn't fixed! Maybe that will be the thing that makes me give up my addiction. But I am really hoping someone will fix this glitch! Thanks! This is an update. There is a glitch on level 191. The stones don't detonate when they r supposed to and it makes it impossible to complete. I hope this can b fixed, or else I will sadly be leaving. I've spent days on this one level. Please fix it! I am now again giving an update. I've continued to play this game for a number of years now. I am on around 770 or so. A few months ago all of a sudden it got a lot harder, and I'm spending way too much time trying to beat a level. It's become very frustrating. I love the game. I don't pay money, but I do watch lots of ads in order to get special gems. I don't mind that. But I am on the verge of closing down the game altogether, because it is becoming more frustrating than fun. I don't have the same feeling of flow from one game to the next. The recent one I've been working on for at least a week and getting nowhere. It's impossible. Of course none of the levels have been impossible, but they just take forever to finally have the luck or the special gems to beat the level. So I am seriously and sadly thinking to give up at this stage I would've hoped to do all 900+ levels. But I'm wasting too much time. I hope that the creator of this game will make some changes so that it is not so frustrating. Otherwise I'll look for a new game. there seems to be many popular ones out there. Another update. I'm on 804 and stuck. It's looking hopeless to move on because I'm not being able to 'earn' anymore which is how I was getting the gems. I wasn't buying. Have not and will not spend money on this, but I've watched ads. And that has given me gems. Now that isn't working and hasn't worked for a few weeks so I'm almost out of gems and unable to make special powers. I hope this error will be fixed! Otherwise I will know it is definitely time to stop playing this game. Please fix the ability to 'earn' by watching video ads! I am pretty sure I have just about had it with this game. I have loved playing it and has been good exercise for my brain, but it is getting more and more frustrating, and takes forever to win a level. Last one took me a week. It's not too much fun anymore, but rather a lot of frustration, feeling like I'm not getting anywhere fast, more like slow as a tortoise. I'm on level 808. This may be it for me. I once before canceled the game and started over again. Maybe I'll do that, but I would hope to find another just as good or better game, should one exist. We shall see how it goes. It's a great game, but has gotten too hard and frustrating. I think the inventors should read the reviews and do something about the difficulty of the levels. I've gotten through a number of obstacles, which has been a good learning for me. Still it's just a game, so with games one hopes to enjoy the game. Hope you guys read the reviews and do something about the ridiculous hardness of the upper levels. I've continued to play, I do enjoy this game, but recently came to level 1032 and it seems impossible to get past. You have to get the butterflies but every time I'm close to beating the level the butterflies don't come up. It's very frustrating! Maybe something needs to be fixed. I hope the game managers are reading this and will fix it!
  • More scamming more cheating.

    By Notification failure
    Here we go another game that starts off amazingly fun and then once you get to the higher levels then boom virtually impossible to pass unless of course you’re ready to open your wallet. Time and time again these companies continue to rip off kids and people all the time trying to push their narrative that it’s a fun game with all their special graphics and stuff but deep down inside we all know it’s nothing more than another cash grab. I have been talking to the Better Business Bureau about multiple companies like this trying to get them shut down because all their entire existence is revolved around ripping people off. When you coded a game with specific algorithms to make sure you cannot pass levels and in order to pass those levels they force you to buy boosters that just means right there you’re never going to be able to win fairly without them dipping into your wallet. Kids especially need to be aware of this because they don’t understand and companies thrive off of children like that because they know it’s an easy quick buck, the more people we can get involved to get these companies shut down the better because honestly it’s technically called fraud which is against the law. This game literally gets -100 stars based on that.