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CocoPPa Play

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  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date: 2014-03-13
  • Current Version: 2.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 63.90 MB
  • Developer: UNITED, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4.5/5 ( 11,697 App Reviews)
  • Price:
CocoPPa Play App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 11,697 App Reviews

CocoPPa Play App Details

Create your kawaii avatar and produce wonderful fashion shows! Over 55 million downloads all over the world! From the globally popular smartphone community app, "CocoPPa", comes a special lovely app, "CocoPPa Play". Now create and decorate your avatar with cute outfits! Create fashion shows for people all over the world *Create Your Models* You can choose combinations of 15 item parts, such as hairstyles, face accessories, skin colors and of course, outfits. Also, you will get various “Posing” items by getting higher level! *Customize Your Show* You can organize your avatar as "My Model" in shows. In the show, you can add up to 3 models. You can set not only your models, but your friend's models as well. You can also create your original show by setting stage set or decor item. *Share with Everybody* Cheers people's shows and post a message as well as decorating your show. You will be able to get free outfits by exchanging points you get by cheering for shows. Make many friends and you can invite them to your shows! *Connect To CocoPPa* After you have connected your CocoPPa account ID, you will be able to set your avatar picture in CocoPPa My Page. You can also use the avatar picture for the CocoPPa icon. *Try Quests & Get Amenities* Complete daily quests, help for unique app characters! And you will get free useful items to decorate your shows. *Tablet devices will not be corresponding devices. CocoPPaPlay Suport Pass ~CocoPass~ ■Price:980 JPY / Month ■Term:1 Month(The counting starts on the day when the subscription gets activated.) CocoPass is a membership service comes with a lot of benefits to play CocoPPa Play. The subscription will automatically renew after the 1-month free trial. The 1st month is free. (1-month free trial.) ■Bonus ①You can get Bonus Coins. The longer you continue subscription, the more Coins you will get The 1st month…80 Coins The 2nd month…90 Coins After the 3rd month…100 Coins ②You can play Gacha 2 times for free. ③The number of items you can get by trading Smile Point will increase. You can get 1 more item in each section. ④You can recover the HP fully items once a day! ⑤Monthly outfit item will be given when you continue CocoPass for the first 3 months including Free Trial period. ■Free Trial ・When you purchase CocoPass for the first time, the 1st month will be Free Trial period. ・During Free Trial period, you can get all the benefits for free as a CocoPass Member. ・If you unscribe within Free Trial period, no fee will be charged at all. ■Valid Period ・CocoPass membership is valid for one month from the purchase date or the date automatically renewed. ・If you unscribe CocoPass, you can get all the benefit in the period for which is valid. ・Even if you uninstall the app, the fee will be charged until you cancel the subscriptions. ■Unscribe/Automatic Renewal If you want to unscribe CocoPass, you have to cancel the automatic renewal at least 24 hours in advance of the expiration date of your membership. The automatic renewal will run within 24 hours after the expiration date. 【How to confirm/unscribe your purchase】 ① Start [App Store]. ② Scroll [Featured] tab to the bottom and tap [Apple ID]. ※ For iOS11 users  ① Tap "person icon" on the top right of the screen > [Apple ID].  ② [View Apple ID] > [Subscriptions] When you tap [CocoPass] you purchased in [CocoPPa Play], you can confirm the purchase status. Then tap [Cancel Subscription] to unscribe CocoPass. See the following web site to check the details or to confirm or cancel your purchase on PC. View, change, or cancel your subscriptions - Apple Support Privacy Policy > Terms of Use >


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App Reviews

  • Why?

    By Mootagem
    I log on every day and twice when it gets to the end to get 3 48hour tickets and I never get them. You also owe me 2 VIP tickets I believe cause I paid enough to get them. Everything on this app is money, money, money! Can’t you guys do more?! Even the normal gagchas need money to get coins. You guys really need to get this app together cause this isn’t working. People have bills to pay so don’t make things so expensive all the time.
  • No longer a paid player:( + huge suggestion!

    By Kayleeee1997
    Hello, I’ve spent a little over $500 from the time I’ve started playing back in 2017. I agree that paid players should get extra rewards for paying, but it is a bit ridiculous to make the events “pay to win”... in fact, this game really stressed me out. Yes. A mobile game stressed me out. I was so into the events and I wanted to win so bad, but the problem is that you can win these cool items if you pay to earn more charms. You could possibly win them as a free player, but it would take more than 8 hours to even get to 30,000 with normal charm- yes I dedicated myself to this game once where I’d stay in bed and play it to win. After spending over 8 hours on an event, I was nowhere near winning the prize. You see, they have a system where they will put up a super cute and super limited item. You have to reach a certain score within that very day to win said item. One of the times I’ve spent money, I was able to win an entire event theme. I spent around $80-$90 to achieve this. It’s really not cool how much you have to spend in order to win. I think a lot of players would not agree with me, but I think this would be more logical: Membership. Keep the option to buy coins still, but add the option to become a “member” or “VIP”. There can be 3 tiers of membership. 1) $5 a month- includes a weekly reward of 5 24hr tickets + 10 coins. These people can spin premium gachas. 2) $10 a month- includes a weekly reward of 10 24hr tickets and a monthly reward of 2 10play tickets + 20 coins. 3) $15 a month- includes a weekly reward of 15 24hr tickets, 1 10play ticket a week plus 40 coins. This will not only gain trust within your community amongst the app, but also attract more people to spend money. Sure, it isn’t like $100 a person, but the better the deal, the more people will buy, therefore providing you guys with money :) Long story short: keep current paying options, keep free features, add a good deal membership plan, get money 💴 -산나
  • I really do like this app

    By nia brown 21
    It’s hard to get good outfits if I have to wait for a new theme to come out. I can’t even buy the ones I want too.
  • Uhh... Yikes

    By SoTotallySAO
    There’s pretty art but it’s pay to win and pay for basically everything else- and not just a couple bucks, some people on this app have paid thousands of dollars. For every app this brand makes, customer service exists, but is ignored completely. Don’t recommend this game if you value your time, money, and sense of decency.
  • This game changed

    By Genesis8292
    This game has changed and they have gotten so greedy!! Almost everything you have to pay for now. They have more Coin Gachas then the regular ones now which is just crazy. Before that I use to be able to give this game a 5 star but now they barely get this 3 star. You can tell slowly they are going to make it a game that you have to pay to play. Which as it is if you want to win any event you have to buy items and spend a lot of time.
  • $$$$

    By veronicamayv
    It’s free to play but to really enjoy the game and be in a great club that can help you show grow you must spend money, how much money you spend is a 50/50 shot of you even getting a good role out of gacha which is the clothing you buy for shoes you put on. It ruined my life. I run my own club and spend almost 200$ a month to play. Not all at once just periodically. I might just stop paying cuz CocoPPa go greedy and puts coin gacha was the first thing you must play instead of free gacha to get ahead for events may it be club events or not. Please keep in mind you must play a year for free to pit together a good show without spending money.
  • Really🙄

    By Idjsheuddbhduwbavzoidldpa
    When I first started to play this game. I was amazed about everything and I would get excited for the new event updates but now everything is unfair the ranking are to hard, the gacha are all so to hard to get whatever thing you need for the gacha promo and so on so on. I all so notice you people choose users/players who have creative name or creative name for a random club. That they always win on whatever event it is. Like right on the snap contest everyone is 1,000-29,000 or higher and I’m at really!! CocoPPaPlay you need to started been fair with everyone or you could continue been unfair and let everyone continue giving you low stars.
  • Decent Enough

    By .-:;;:-.
    I’ve been playing this game for 1-2 years and I find the hard ranking fun?? I’m normally ranking 1,000-5,000 The only things I dislike about this game is: 1. Money Greed 2. Coin Only Gachas Really though if you were crazy rich and have the time of your life you can rank 1st place anytime if you knew the techniques
  • Honestly

    By Uhh, here a nickname
    People are always complaining about this game being pay-to-play or even about paying players. The truth is they need money to run this game. Without the money you wouldn’t event have a game to complain about it the first place. 🙄 The game overall is very enjoyable on both my free and paying account.
  • Good

    By AyakaAosiLemonMaioy