The Flight Tracker Pro

The Flight Tracker Pro

By International Airport Flight Track Technologies

The Flight Tracker Pro App Ratings: 4.5
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Keep track of your flight's details. Get the info you want quickly and right away. Check easily when it's time to go pick up a friend. Travel safe & enjoy your flight! The Flight Tracker is the go-to app for managing and tracking your flights. It contains in depth information about all available flights and airlines; arrivals, departures, terminal & gates, delays, and much more. The Flight Tracker is the most convenient flight app you will find on the App Store....Your ultimate flight tracking tool. FLIGHTS • Track any flight in the world • Detailed Departure and Arrival information • Terminal and Gate information updated in real-time • Detailed Aircraft information & Seat Maps • Automatically synchronizes with your TripIt account • Plan your flights in Trips • Layover information is automatically displayed • Save and share your flight information via e-mail, text message, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp ALERTS BY PUSH NOTIFICATION FOR • Scheduled/Actual Departure or Arrival Time changes • Gate and Terminal changes • Flight Status changes • You can also schedule Departure/Arrival reminders (don’t forget to pick up your friend!) AIRPORTS • Find any airport worldwide • Flight Board of all departures/arrivals per airport • Easy airport delay info • Map of all Flights to and from an airport • Terminal Maps for major airports • Extended Weather Forecast per Airport (up to 10 days!) AIRLINES • Find any airline worldwide • Detailed airline info • Flight Board and Map of all flights per airline MAPS • Zoom-able Maps with live flight track info and weather service • Offline viewing features enabled for use in airplanes SHARING • Sync your flights between your devices using iCloud • Sync with your Calendar • Save personal notes, label your flights or store flight information of any flight you wish -- WE LOVE FEEDBACK! -- As always, we appreciate your feedback. Please keep sharing your experience to Do you love our app? Please rate and review us in the App Store! -- ENJOY YOUR TRIP --


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App Reviews

  • Amazing

    By Nahoodi
    Amazing app. I love it. Keep it up. 👍👍
  • Unable to use support to ask a question.

    By N5MS
    I purchase the app today and inputted four flights. It found all the flights, but three of them kept rolling over to other unrelated flights from different airlines. Tried to ask about this on their Support page, but it kept rejecting my question and some of the text on the page came up in a different language. Will hold final judgment until I use it, but there is a problem on the support page.
  • Better Than Nothing... Sometimes.

    By wjvail
    This is a deeply flawed app. It’s unfortunate but the previous version of this app was everything I wanted and needed and that only serves to highlight how complex and ineffective this app is. Doing something as simple as listing and keeping track of all flights from, say, Atlanta to Seattle is a massive undertaking. And it doesn’t have to be this way. The previous app did this simple task seamlessly. If you know you are on flight xxx from point A to point B, this app will, with effort, help. Anything more complex and your wasting your time.
  • Not able to track all flights

    By Scutmud
    The app misses updates to some flights. Tried tracking a flight from JFK to Belgrade and it never showed the departure. Downloaded a freebie app and it has the current in air flight info, but this paid pro version doesn’t. What’s up with that? In addition, the baggage info does not update. I got a notification from the app on baggage, but when I open the app the baggage still has a question mark. Strange that notifications come through but the app is unable to display that information. Even tried closing the app and restarting, but that didn’t work.
  • Pretty good

    By Ecko the husky
    Only used for one day to track my relatives international flights. All real time updated! Love it!
  • The BEST

    By B12018
    It is so accurate.
  • excelent

    By M0rido
    i like it very much. it is a must for the people that travel.
  • Uhhh ?

    By A Person 123456
    Not ready to give up, but certainly not convinced. I don’t get notifications even though they are turned on, and I have seen inaccurate flight information (as in flight ACTUALLY landed 45 minutes after app said it landed). I do not recommend paying for this. Make them earn your money. I’m not sure yet that they are earning mine.
  • FF

    By Frenchfry two
    Pas simple si non impossible de modifier un vol effectué. Impossible d’enregistrer des vols anciens (meme plus de 10 jours?) Les gates de depart et d’arrivée restent generalement avec un « ? » Meme chose pour les livraison de bagages. Détailler un vol avec choix des sieges est trop compliqué Enfin il faudrait pouvoir modifier un vol ancien (rectifier les dates, motif voyage, retards, excess luggages, notes sur le service ou videos ou pouvoir écrire 4 lignes de notes personnelles par expl)
  • A super great FLIGHT TRACKING APP!

    By jinglealltheway
    Wow! What a great and handy FLIGHT TRACKING APP! It is very handy and useful to me!