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Brainscape - Smart Flashcards

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  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2011-07-15
  • Current Version: 3.20180302
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 45.39 MB
  • Developer: Brainscape
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4.5/5 ( 8,474 App Reviews)
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Brainscape - Smart Flashcards App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 8,474 App Reviews

Brainscape - Smart Flashcards App Details

Find, create, and share SMART FLASHCARDS on any device. DOUBLE your learning speed using the most effective study system on the planet. Keep all your content in sync across Brainscape’s website and all your iOS devices. Brainscape works by personalizing the TIMING of each flashcard repetition, using proven cognitive science. Whether you’re learning a language, preparing for a test, or just acquiring some fun trivia, Brainscape spaces the repetition of each bite-sized concept based on exactly the right interval for YOUR brain. All you have to do is rate how well you know each concept, on a scale of 1-5, and Brainscape determines the right time to quiz you again. It's strangely addicting and is scientifically proven to slash your required study time. So where do all of Brainscape’s great flashcards come from? Three places: THE WORLD’S TOP EXPERTS. Brainscape partners with top publishers, schools, and educators to create flashcards for subjects as diverse as Foreign Languages, MCAT, Music Theory, SAT prep, AP Exams, Series 7 prep, and Sports Trivia. YOUR PEERS. Top students, professors, teachers, and businesses around the world have created over 1 million subjects that are available to search on our Marketplace. YOU! You can easily create multimedia flashcards very easily both on Brainscape’s website AND within the app itself. You can also share your decks with your classmates and collaboratively develop content together. Creating, sharing, and finding great user-generated flashcards is FREE. And Brainscape's new Pro subscription option gives you access to unlimited premium content AND premium features such as bookmarks, browse mode, card reversibility, an ad-free flashcard creation experience, and a bunch of new features coming in later versions. The Brainscape Pro subscription can be purchased within the app, in billing increments of Monthly ($9.99 billed monthly), Semiannually ($29.99 billed every 6 months), and Annually ($35.99 billed yearly), as well as a Lifetime subscription option for $79.99. The three recurring subscriptions will renew automatically within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the period. You can cancel auto-renewal any time by going to Account Settings; the cancellation will apply after the active subscription period is complete. Feel free to learn more about our Terms and Privacy Policy at In the future, Brainscape plans to make our learning system infinitely more efficient, convenient, fun, and social, so please be sure to give us feedback to help us improve the product. It is users like YOU who have helped us reach a community of millions of learners already. Help us create a Brainscape community that spans the whole world of learners!


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App Reviews

  • The best app ever❤️

    By Nour Amish
    Learning everything with no time ❤️ srsly best app ever
  • I Really Enjoy This App. (From A Real Person)

    By SamNoHam
    I’m in the navy and I use this to make my flash cards for unclassified parts of my advancement exam study guide. The color coding that indicates how well you knew the information is invaluable to me and gives me visual confirmation of where I’m improving and where i am weak. This is a great flash card app that can be shared with your buddies and others trying to learn the same information. So you may not even have to make your own deck. Fantastic in my opinion!
  • Get nothing with subscription

    By jjjjhggggg
    I bought the subscription, it gave me no additional access. I emailed this company with no response
  • Brainscape is the best.

    By JtheMedMan
    I’ve been using Brainscape for about a year and a half now. I recommend it to all my friends as it has made a huge improvement in my grades and test scores. I used it to study for the MCAT and my university classes, and I am now using it for the USMLE Step 1. The great thing about Brainscape is that their algorithm helps you hone in on the concepts you need to review most. It is just as useful for learning new material as it is for reviewing. The variable repetition format allows for extremely quick and efficient learning, and there are thousands of pre-made decks and topics to choose from. This is easily the best app purchase I’ve ever made. Any individual that takes their academic and professional career seriously should have this app.
  • A fleshed our Anki with a catch

    By Chriscrk
    This app is almost perfect, but as a broke student, I’m tired of being asked to pay subscription fees. The app uses the same theory of spaced repetition as Anki does (a completely free Flashcard program), but is nuanced by the additions of a search bar that lets you see decks made by other users and “experts.” The catch is that in order to use other users content, you need a subscription. That’s all that was needed to chase me away. I have so many educational subscriptions, utility bills, equipment fees, etc as a student that I can’t stomach yet another subscription. If the low cost doesn’t bother you, it’s a great app, but if you’re looking for a similar experience without the fee, try Anki or quizlet.
  • Awesome Product

    By WBentham
    I love the convenience, the organization. It really helps to keep the motivation to study.
  • Best of the best

    By Legend-123
    Easy to study , retain and freedom of time all at one place . Excellent work .
  • This could be so much better...POV of Teacher and Student

    By Antipyretic
    Pros: this app is wonderful for studying and sharing flashcards among students and teachers and it’s study method works well in small volumes...when it works Cons: - there’s been a lot of syncing issues from both this app and the webpage version to the point where i had to abandon using this as a method of review for my students. As some students were able to access my content and others were not. Which brings me to - pricing. I think it’s ridiculous to charge users for options that were free on their previous app and if I was to pay for a subscription for an app they could at least make more of an effort to stabilize it and get rid of the bugs - No other language support as I was using this app to make flash cards for my students whose parents do not speak English - not available in other in the Chinese android markets. Again this is an issue for those who are planning to use this for their classes in China - My biggest one: the method of studying is not effective for LARGE volume of flashcards. What was great about the previous app flashcardlet you are able to review ALL the cards and measure that session the old fashion way: the cards you don’t know stay in rotation while the cards you memorized are out of rotation in the session. There are two problems with Brainscape method: 1) dealing with a large amount of cards (I’m going to say about 50 as that’s the average amount of vocabulary I need to study per lesson )you may not even see all the cards that are in the deck. For example I got a deck of 70 cards and in my session first I have to SET the amount of cards I want to review. ( Every session you have to set the amount cards you have to review. You’ll see the problem with this in this example.) but in that session I may only see half of those cards as the cards I rated low will appear in that session more than once so that means that I will not being seeing any of the new cards in the session because I’m too busy studying the same 6-10 cards over and over again and then I have to repeat sessions numerous times before I even have a session where I am reviewing ALL the cards I made equally. With flashcardlet I know when I review a deck I will see the cards that are in that deck at least once. 2) no way to effectively study without using rating method. Don’t get me wrong I completely get the philosophy behind Brainscape but they should at least be a little more flexible to their students needs Comparing it’s previous app Flashcardlet to Brainscape here’s the study experience Flashcardlet You select a deck, you see a card if you know you check it off and it will not reappear in the session. If you don’t know it it stays in the rotation until you check it off. Brainscape: you select a deck, you see a card if you know it you’ll rate it and you may see it AGAIN in you rotation if you don’t know it you rate it and you’ll see it again in your rotation until the number of cards in your review session reaches zero. They suggested using browse mode and infinity mode to avoid rating cards but the problem is the cards you deem to know STILL STAY in your rotation in infinity mode and with browse mode every card gets thrown off rotation whether you know it or not until you create a new session The end result of Brainscape method is that you’ll spend a lot of time reviewing cards that you have seen without actually getting to cards you didn’t see yet as well as constantly making a new session to get to those cards thus increasing the time it takes to memorize an entire deck or feel like you are mindlessly reviewing without a sense of competition My suggestions for this app to be great as it should are: 1. bring back flashcardlet style of studying cards and make that FREE to your users or continue to support flashcardlet allowing people upload their decks on Brainscape again. 2. Constant updates to your users letting known problems and let us feel like you guys are working on something. 3. Ask the users what they would like to see in this app and how can they make the study experience 4. Find away to make this app more international both region and language wise so that it’ll be easier for those using this as a study for foreign language to access this app. I’ll really be happy to help in this department
  • Awesome learning app

    By Niklas349418
    Best spaced repetition and flip card app I’ve found.
  • Amazing

    By rodman865
    Great content, very helpful.