By Markus Gonser

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2010-02-12
  • Current Version: 1.3.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 63.64 MB
  • Developer: Markus Gonser
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4/5 ( 174 App Reviews)
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m48+ App Ratings: 4
Based on 174 App Reviews

m48+ App Details

m48+ is an emulator for the famous HP38G, HP39G, HP48SX, HP48GX, HP49G and HP49G+ scientific calculators. Carry your favorite calculator along with you every day and use it together with your favorite HP-programs and libraries! ******************************************************** Skins: Since there are so many skins, here a brief overview, what you are getting: HP48GX (extensively supported): - "Steel v2" Skin: Portrait view in non-retina and retina for the iPhone 4s, iPhone5/5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+; supports swipe gestures; simple view for everyday calculations - "Steel" Skin: Portrait view in non-retina and retina for the iPhone 4s and iPad supports swipe gestures; simple view for everyday calculations; scales well for iPhone 5/5s - "Don't Panic v2" Skin: Portrait view in non-retina and retina for the iPhone 4s and iPad supports swipe gestures; simple view for everyday calculations; scales well for iPhone 5/5s - "Don't Panic" Skin: Portrait and Landscape view in non-retina and retina for the iPhone 4s; supports swipe gestures; simple view for everyday calculations - Photorealistic for iPhone 4 resolution (non-retina), no swipe-gesture, - Old legacy skins (own designs) for iPhone 4 resolution (non-retina), no swipe-gesture, HP49G+ (extensively supported): - "Steel" Skin: Portrait view in non-retina and retina for the iPhone 4s and iPad supports swipe gestures; simple view for everyday calculations; scales well for iPhone 5/5s, scales ok for iPhone 6/6+. - Photorealistic for iPhone 4 resolution (non-retina), no swipe-gesture, HP38G, HP39G, HP48S, HP49G (emulated, but only one basic skin each): - For each calculator one photo-realistic Skin for iPhone 4 resolution (non-retina), no swipe-gestures; portrait view only In general: - all skins can be loaded by iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 6 and 6+, however low resolution skins are zoomed to the devices screen size. For skins, which are originally for iPhone 4s (retina) and better, it looks reasonable ok, skins, which are for original iPhone 4 and below resolution show rasterization. Functional and usable are all of them. ******************************************************** Features: - Emulation of the HP38G, HP39G², HP48SX, HP48GX, HP49G and HP49G+ (²Please see below for current limitation). - Auto Setup for all calculators - Save and load calculator files - Save and load your favorite libraries, etc. - Copy and paste your calculator results or screenshots to and from the iPhone/iPod clipboard. - Transfer files from and to your computer (WLAN & LAN required). - Variety of different skins. - m48Multiskin: Changes appearance, revealing secondary and third functions (currently only HP48GX model, more skins for other models in future) - Swipe inputs for secondary and third functions (currently only m48 "Don't Panic" Skin) - Original skins (all models) - Support for landscape (currently only "Don't Panic" Skin for HP48GX) - m48GraphicsEngine: high performance plus support of graphical effects for a broad variety of skins. - m48AudioEngine: high performance for sound effects. - Emulator state saved on exit and recalled on start. - Extensive information sections which is regularly updated and maintained: Help, FAQ, Tips'n'tricks. - Double tap the LCD to get more information in the menu-section - Meta Kernel support (HP48GX, refer to Tips'n'tricks) ******************************************************** Things you should know before buying: ======================== - 39g+, 48gII, and HP50g are not implemented. - HP49G+ is essentially the same as the 50G - HP39G is not fully implemented yet as save and load state is not complete. ********************************************************


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App Reviews

  • iOS 11

    By Tapioca man
    Doesn’t work on iOS 11
  • I like the program, but it’s having s problem

    By Drmeiswinkel
    I love this program. But, recently it has been locking up. I have tried rebooting and re-installing. The keys now glow when I use them. The program often locks and cannot accept input. I miss having it working. It was, before all these issues, my favorite iphone app.
  • Error with new iphone8

    By Rsroschmidt
    I’ve loved this app for years. I just got a new iPhone 8 and when I open the app it says “Error could not open the xmi file”. The app no longer appears under settings though I restored from a very recent backup. Can you help? Thx.
  • Awesome

    By macadamiaa
    I’ve used this calculator for years and recommend it to all my RPN-using friends. Please optimize it for the new iPhone X. It works great but it is not full screen. A small nit but a comment all the same. Keep up the great work!
  • Great app

    By Case2000
    I have tried a bunch of HP calculator apps. This is my favorite and my go to. I have it on my iPad Pro and iPhone! Thank you!
  • Better than the real HP

    By Revloflandisher
    I own one of the old HP graphing calculators, but some of the keys recently quit working. And the ink tags on the buttons are starting to wear off. So this app was delightful to use, aside from the low rez HP keyboard representation. Since the recent ios upgrade, the app itself has quit working on iPhone 6S+
  • Excellent. Essential app for HP-48 users.

    By killfactory42
    I have been using this app for many years. I have been unable to find any other calculator app that surpasses this one (partly that's owed to the HP-48 having simply been one of the best calculators ever manufactured). This app lets me use my iPhone as a complete replacement for my aging HP-48S that is sadly experiencing some hardware trouble.
  • My go-to calculator for years

    By Danilo720
    This is a very well executed 48GX emulator and the same can be said for the many other calculators in the package. I've used the (originally) free version and the m48+ version for years - so the app is solid. The look and feel is perfect and in many ways better than the actual calculators. Definitely recommended.
  • minor port bug?

    By bunnysoup
    0. Accessing Port2 (eventually, but not on new calc) returns errno 8, regardless of Port2 option setting. 1. Stop bashing Markus for upgrading the paid M48+ app before the free version. He does get around to fixing the free app. The cycle will occur again. Such is software. Check the version history. This is not his full-time, paid job. He does it because some of us actually understand that and buy him a beer or two with M48+. If enough of you whine about not getting instant service for a free app – or even for the price of a beer – he just might quit altogether. Do not ruin a good app from a good bloke. Alles klar? -1. I'm a grumpy old fart, and I skipped lunch today, and I'm a bit bored and frankly curious about Apple's tolerance of flaming, so I'll take your yummy, stale, six-year-old bait, though you've probably moved on to greener algal blooms and Markus probably fixed the bug years ago. Stop telling people to stop doing irrelevant things they didn't do. Did you not notice that this is the paid app page? Or the question mark or the word "minor"? Or the comment on eventual, not immediate, occurrence? Or how about the five-star rating? That hardly constitutes "bashing", though implying that it does certainly could. I've been a physical and virtual HP calculator user and a commercial and FOSS developer for decades, so you can stick your "such is software" and claims of understanding the human condition where they'll hurt the most – sideways, if at all feasible. I posted this on the paid app page because I'd already bought Markus his couple of beers (hardly enough for the great job he does – vielen dank, Markus!)? If enough of you keep biting other people's ankles just because you can get away with it, with any luck you'll all die alone in your poor, embarrassed moms' basements of vitriol-accelerated spontaneous troll combustion. Thank you all, and good night. Do not ruin a good app from a good bloke. Alles klar?
  • Needs a big update for iPhone 6

    By Dddddfghjytfcxss3
    This app is way overdue for some hi-res iPhone 6 skins. Also seems to be more and more glitches and app crashes. I've been using Free42 for a much smoother and more polished app, but I miss the 48GX I've used all these years.