MealBoard - Meal and Grocery Planner

MealBoard - Meal and Grocery Planner

By Ray Bernardo

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2009-10-09
  • Current Version: 3.5
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 14.25 MB
  • Developer: Ray Bernardo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.2 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4/5 ( 2,883 App Reviews)
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MealBoard - Meal and Grocery Planner App Ratings: 4
Based on 2,883 App Reviews

MealBoard - Meal and Grocery Planner App Details

Do you wish meal and grocery planning could be made easier? This app makes it quick and easy! • Store your recipes • Create weekly meal plans • Generate your grocery list • Keep track of what you have in your pantry! MealBoard combines recipe management, meal planning, groceries and pantry management into a single app. It is fully customizable. You can manage your recipes, ingredients, food categories, meal types, stores, store aisles, grocery items and many more with its clean, uncluttered interface. Meal and grocery planning will never be easier. With MealBoard, a few taps is all it takes! FEATURES: • Input your favorite recipes, or import recipes from supported recipe websites • Create meal plans organized by day and meal type • Reuse meal plans by creating templates • Generate your grocery list based on the meal plan you created • Scale grocery quantities by specifying the number of servings you need • Input grocery prices and see the total price you're spending • Shopping list functionality lets you check off grocery items as you shop • Support for multiple grocery stores • Keep track of what you have in your pantry • Specify expiration date and inventory location • Use the barcode scanner to input items • Integrated shopping list and pantry operations. Move your out-of-stock items from the pantry to the shopping list, and move them back to the pantry after you shop! • Assign recipes to multiple categories • Search recipes by name or ingredient • Set up recipe prep notifications to remind you of tasks ahead of time • Add non-recipe items (like oatmeal or bananas) to your meal plan using the Quick Add feature • Attach a note to a meal • Easily move meals to another day • Mark meals as leftovers • Scale recipe ingredients • Export meal plan to the Calendar app • Email recipes, meal plan and shopping list • Import recipes sent by other MealBoard users • Print your meal plan and shopping list to an AirPrint-compatible printer • 4 color themes to choose from • Clean, uncluttered interface • Free cloud sync feature that lets you backup your data online • Sync data between multiple devices • Input your recipes through the web interface (log in at BENEFITS: • Always have your recipes with you • By planning your meals, no need to ask yourself what's for dinner! • Save time by generating your groceries • Save money by cooking at home • Eat healthy! To understand how the app works, a detailed screenshot tutorial can be found at FAQ and help can be found at DISCLAIMER: This app is preloaded with a few recipes that are for illustrative purposes only. Users are expected to input/import the recipes that they use.


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App Reviews

  • Works great for me

    By sharonyo
    After looking at several other meal planning apps, I found this one. You do need to load a bunch of recipes when you get started but they have a search feature that gives you access to dozens of recipe sites so you can quickly upload new recipes to the app. I also created my own "recipes" so I can put non recipe type meals on the menu (e.g.: "turkey sandwich" for lunches or "stuffed baked potatoes" for dinners). I email the menu to myself and then print out the menu from my email to post on the fridge. I love the shopping list. I don't have the patience to manage my pantry, but I will just check off all the shopping list items I know I have at home before I go shopping. I also share the menu to my ICal which allows me to see what's for dinner when I'm at work. It would be great if it had a sign in, so that my phone app and my iPad app would be able to sync. Overall, I find this app simple to use and customize and has saved me time and money by reducing over-buying of food.
  • This app is

    By chillax32
    Amazing. This has completely organized dinner in my household. No more are the days where my family looks at each other wondering what's for dinner. I love planning dinner days in advance and the ability to search and download recipes from the web is great.
  • Great App!

    By Cassy.Ortiz
    I really love this app. Great way to plan meals and keep track of pantry items. I would give 5 stars if it were easier to add ingredients from recipes to shopping lists.
  • Very useful, but does take time to set-up

    By Shpandex
    The feature that allows you to import recipes from the web is not working. The only way to get recipes entered is to manually type everything. Revised: thank you to the app developer who reached out to me to offer assistance. Be advised that some websites require subscription to get the recipes. You can't import recipes from these sites without registering.
  • This app is awful!

    By Picklebut345795
    I cannot import any recipes from websites! The import button will not work! I have to manually do it! It takes way to long to set up! It's not easy to use. Worst app! I would like a refund please!
  • Great Meal Planning App

    By Shutterbug2009
    I have to eat at home now for health reasons but cooking and meal planning are not my strength. I looked for an app that I could import recipes and then create a shopping list. This app is the BEST I've seen. I find recipes, import them, choose my portion size and MealBoard does the rest. Awesome job developers. Thank you!
  • Everything and More

    By Tina O
    Update: I still love this app and website. It is perfect for importing recipes from other websites. All in one place! I find recipes in magazines, websites, TV shows that I want to make sometime.....but never happens. Finally! MealBoard is everything I want in finding and organizing my recipes. Thank you!!
  • Just what I was looking for

    By mee55303
    I love this app. It has taken some time to input or import my recipes and pantry but once that was done: LOVE IT ❤️. I like he fact that you can easily create your shopping list based on what you're planning to make. Also you can add other things as wanted. Totally worth the money.
  • Hugely Helpful!

    By Merrimaid
    I love having my recipes integrated with my shopping list for food items! (I still use ShopShop for any non-food items that need buying and also for more exact descriptions of food items which hubby or daughter might need for buying less familiar items which I DON'T want on my recipe ingredient lists!) I love how this app anticipates how much of a particular ingredient you might use based on past history and pre-loads it when adding a recipe by hand. It's great how it cuts down on typing when I add a new recipe that doesn't use the standard formats or comes from a book! When the pre-load amount's wrong, it's easy to replace by hitting the little x on the quantity line and putting in the right amount. I'm new to planning meals in advance and LOVE how it has cut out being starved with no patience to cook anything from scratch! We buy a lot less prepared foods which gives us extra money for other things, plus we've found that we're more satisfied from our healthier, more nutritious food which has cut down considerably on snacking and junk food and it's costs! Meal planning is the way to go! Suggestions for buyers: Adding items to the pantry takes a while, so if you can't do it over a slow summer or school break, just add things as you need them. I noticed that if you put in quantities before you're done adding location and stores where bought, etc. the quantities get erased because of the shifting drop down screens. My work-around was just to fill in the info from the bottom up before saving but I'm sure people would love to see that changed. Also, if a recipe calls for a single item which is listed in the pantry as a multiple, it doesn't recognize that you have it in stock. Since recipes only show up if everything is in stock, my work-around was to list singles separately. For example, I have a full entry for Lemons which lists exactly what I have on hand, and a partial entry for Lemon which just says I have 100 in stock. I know to check the other to see if I have enough. Obviously I'd prefer if the app was smarter this way, but it works. If there's an item I have a ton of I've just entered 1000 so I don't have to count. If you list that you buy 1 jar (of pizza sauce for example) and then you open that jar for 1 cup in a recipe, it thinks you're out because 1-1=0. Obviously it would be great if MealBoard could work around the different measurement issues, but not if the app becomes clunky or cumbersome, so my work-around was to list the quantity according to how I use it. In that same pizza sauce example, I'd list the quantity I buy as 2 cups. For spices, they're listed as 16 tsp per jar, etc. I used the Nutrition label's "Serving size" and "Servings per" as great guides for whether to use tsp, Tbsp or Cup measurements. After entering in several pantry entries, I'm really good at knowing what a 3 cup jar or a 6 packet box looks like. I have the ounce measurements on ShopShop if we need them. Suggestions for app improvements : Under recipe descriptions, I often describe the dish and in a separate paragraph mention the nutritional value of a dish (which reminds me why it's good for us every time I call up the recipe), but the app just lumps all of it together, ignoring spacing and paragraph changes, etc. I'd like to be able to have separate paragraphs for better usage. Once in a while I have a dinner with several courses. I'd love more options on the menu planning besides none, breakfast, lunch and dinner and snack. I'd like appetizer and dessert at least (and perhaps soup/salad). The pantry list has Cognac but not Baking Soda or Cinnamon!!! It's a bit eccentric and could certainly be more populated for the average cook. Anyone buying a meal planning app is almost certainly planning to cook a lot and will already have all the basic ingredients used in cooking AND baking, or, at least, is planning on buying them. [We like Thai, Indian, Mexican, Creole, etc. and so we ended up with over 1000 food items in the kitchen. Who knew since I would have guessed about 300? But my point was that it took a while to enter everything in and it would have been nice if more of the basics were pre-populated and I'd only had to enter in the cardamom and black sesame seeds kinds of things as we used them!] Add Bunches, Sprouts, Cubes (Meats, Tofu, Cheese), Bricks (Cream Cheese), Spears (Pickles, Asparagus), Links (Sausages), Singles ( Juice, Milks), Patties or Burgers ( Frozen Beef or Fish), Feet (Cooking Twine), Strips (Dried Meat, Fruit and Seaweed), Scoops (Powdered Mixes) to the units available. I prefer the Directions List numbered, with blank lines between numbers so I can keep my place better. I've been putting in the numbers and lines myself when typing in any recipes but wouldn't it be great if it started with 1. automatically and added a space line and the next number whenever you hit return? Perhaps it could be linked to hitting the "add a recipe" button? When adding ingredients, it would be nice to have a "save +" button next to the add button to save my addition and add another while bypassing the ingredients list screen until I've added them all and want to scan it for corrections or omissions. I'd love a list of "Items Not In Stock". ( If I bought it and it's still on the list I'll want to get it again and want to easily see what I'm missing!) That's what fits of what I've observed in the several weeks that I've been working with this app. We cook a lot more because of this app (as opposed to heating up!) and we like what we're eating better! I'm totally psyched to see how this will help during the school year! And I'll include the rest of my suggestions for app improvements on another review.
  • Loved it before, now it won't stop crashing.

    By 4F51A6
    Used this app for everything. Loved storing my pinterest recipies here. However when I try to use it now it wont even open. It crashes consistently which is extremely frusterating. Please fix the app or refund my money. Thanks.