Ballistic: Advanced Edition

Ballistic: Advanced Edition

By Peak Studios LLC

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2009-01-30
  • Current Version: 6.3.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 18.00 MB
  • Developer: Peak Studios LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4.5/5 ( 793 App Reviews)
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Ballistic: Advanced Edition App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 793 App Reviews

Ballistic: Advanced Edition App Details

For serious shooters who are serious about their shot!!! ••• The most advanced ballistics calculator on the market ••• Trusted by the best: Armed Forces / Shooting Instructors / Lifelong Marksmen ••• Advanced Precision Ballistics 5 STARS: "I shoot on Team Louisiana Precision Rifles in Tactical rifle matches. Everyone on the team that uses Ballistic has had great results. This program has really been a game changer in the precision rifle world." - Bannon 5 STARS: "I have used this app for my 308 Rem 700 to my 338 Lapua. I have made some fun shots using this app. I have been using it ever since it was an iPhone app. US Marine Approved. Thanks!" - Ob1goose 5 STARS: "I used the data from Ballistic for a cold bore shot at 760 yards and center punched the plate. Sent another right on top of it. Done. No loading hassle or BS, just accuracy!" - Rick Ballistic is a highly-accurate ballistic calculator and range companion. With its advanced capabilities, Ballistic can calculate for atmospheric conditions, Coriolis effect, gyroscopic spin, and more. It's also much more. With a vast library of nearly 5,000 projectiles and factory loads, rangefinder, range log, and head-up display, Ballistic is a complete mobile companion for hunting or at the range. Ballistic's world renowned JBM ballistics engine delivers the gold standard in calculations that other applications compare themselves to. Advanced Edition Features: - NEW: iPhone 6 internal barometer supported - NEW: Kestrel K5 LiNK / Drop integration (in-app purchase) - An advanced head-up display for mounted operation - Advanced wind kit configurable for up to 8 wind sources - Bryan Litz' custom G7 ballistic coefficients - 3D Trajectory imaging for visualizing bullet path - Mil-Dot ballistics head-up display Features: - World renowned JBM ballistics engine for the most precise, accurate calculations in the industry. - Load Library: Nearly 5,000 commercial and military projectiles and factory loads from leading manufacturers or specify your own projectile properties. Includes latest commercial data and military coefficients established at Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Also includes Bryan Litz' advanced G7 ballistic coefficients and bullet lengths. - iCloud Sync: Sync your favorites, optics profiles & range log to all of your devices - One-Touch Atmospheric Correction: Instantly adjust your calculations for zero or current atmosphere. Weather updated based on your current location (from a weather service), or enter your own atmospheric values. - Advanced Wind Kit: Powerful tool enabling you to create complex wind configurations for up to eight different wind sources! - Variable (Stepped) BCs: Includes many popular commercial projectiles from select manufacturers, for more precise calculations. - Ballistic Charts: Display a chart of the current projectile including drop, energy, and velocity. Compare wind drift. Compare up to eight projectiles on the same chart. Zoom charts up to 300% and save a full size chart to your photo album. - HUD: Full featured Mil-Dot ballistics head-up display; estimate using on-screen Mil-dot reticle, and see milling holdovers, with easy on-screen adjustment. - Target Log: Keep a journal of all your hunts, shoots, adjustments, points of impact, and scores. Includes group calculator, integrated score log, multiple target types, and camera and GPS support. Generate cold barrel and scoring reports for each rifle. - Angular Acquisition: Aim the device at the target like a remote control, or mount on your weapon to receive real-time angular correction. - Adjustable Units: Elevation and windage output units in inches, centimeters, arcminutes, milliradians, and click values ranging from full click to 1/8 click (or custom click values). - Calculate your own ballistic coefficients based on two chronograph measurements or data from the back of an ammo box. ... and much more!


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App Reviews

  • No holdover

    By Justin&&
    A waste of money since I would like to use holdovers and mildots
  • Easy to use and excellent results

    By Cakemaker12345
    I’m not a great shooter and had never been into long range shooting. Never shot passed 500 yards. I bought a 6.5 Creed and decided to try out long range shooting but didn’t have a clue how. I bought this app and watched a couple videos on how to use it. Took it to the range and slowly worked my way out past 1000 yards! First shot I attempted at 1075 yards was a hit. Very accurate data. I’ve gone to 1200 yards using this app alone.
  • Great engine - ADS IN PAID APP

    By Absoluterock
    Why are there ads in my PAID APP!!! I can get that for FREE!!!
  • Awesome

    By Major gunnut
    This is the best ballistic calculator I’ve ever used, with all the features it offers it’s worth every cent. Instead of flipping through paper shooting logs, they’ve made it easier to reference bullet drop at distance and measuring targets with my reticle.
  • Great for dialing in long range shots, but complex UI

    By pbakker1
    Using this app for long range (up to 1100 yards) shooting. Given the right input, the calculations are spot on and easy to read. Great to keep next to your rifle to dial in elevation etc. However, the UI is a little hard to use, with similar setting in too many different places. Once you figure it out it’s great though.
  • Hate this app. Going back to Strelok.

    By RamTech228
    The UI isn’t nearly as intuitive as Strelok Pro, it costs more, AND then they want you to spend another $20 in order to be able to connect a Kestrel to it. Strelok does this without spending any additional money. I’m deleting this app and wish I could get a refund.
  • Wow!

    By allenryan1
    I was hesitant to purchase this due to the price and haven’t regretted it since. It does a very fine job and not that difficult to use. You are able to enter many different conditions and options making it versatile. I often find myself playing around with it even off the range. Great app for anyone with a chronograph.
  • My “Go To” portable ballistics app

    By sensai515
    I have been using this app for a few years now, and I have removed the other external ballistic apps from my phone and iPad. This one does it all, and then some. It is easy to learn and use. Most of all it is accurate. As a handloader, it gives me what I need for the range; plus it has the factory loads for comparison. Can you tell that I like it??
  • Best Ballistic App, Period

    By TomP226
    First, Ballistic AE was the first iPhone Ballistic app I ever used; spring 2014. Second, I now have ten including multiple versions and free proprietary apps on my phone. However, all my loads, reloads and factory, .22 LR to .308, are in this one. Why? It is easy to use, but as comprehensive as you need it to be. Dialing my current atmospherics in all but guarantees a first shot hit out the load's effective range. Misses belong to me. Thanks for a great product.
  • Intuitive and accurate

    By NateDizo929
    This is a great app. Easy to use and accurate. Huge database of factory ammo or you can enter data for your hand loads. Easy to start with basic settings, essentially a grab and go. Select load, zero, max range, sight height, then click “calculate trajectory. You can start including things like spin drift, air density, barometric pressure, multiple wind readings at various ranges, corealis (Don’t know how to spell that) effect, target speed, etc as you become more comfortable with the app. Easy to pick a projectile from a list and customize things like ballistic coefficient (a slight overstatement by manufactures do help bullet sales) muzzle velocity (factory loads assign an assumed value for each round but easy to change for how fast it is out of your gun) etc. I believe you can even true your velocity based on the long range drop of your bullet but I haven’t used that feature yet. This does have the ability to sync with a fancy high dollar kestrel... but my kestrel was $50 on sale plus a coupon I think I paid $25. It gives me accurate wind where I am. The other data I pull off my weather apps which have accurate temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure readings. Also outputs down range velocity and energy for those guys who want to harvest game while their bullet still has a specific amount of foot-pounds to deliver on impact. Very accurate calculator. Highly recommended for anyone shooting long range regardless of experience with ballistic calculators. Great from beginners to experts, bench shooters to hunters. More than I would have expected for the price.