Lucky Cactus Grow

Lucky Cactus Grow

By Blimps LLC

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2015-12-19
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 21.44 MB
  • Developer: Blimps LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4/5 ( 973 App Reviews)
  • Price:
Lucky Cactus Grow App Ratings: 4
Based on 973 App Reviews

Lucky Cactus Grow App Details

What is the Lucky Cactus? It is a state of mind Tap it. It may or may not give you luck Tap it. Maybe it will Tap it. Money, love, power, whatever you want Tap it. Maybe it could all be yours Lucky Cactus Grow Features: - Take care of the Lucky Cactus to make it grow. - It will grow in real time and produce Lucky symbols, even while you're not using the app. - The bigger it is, the faster it produces Luck symbols on its own. Instructions: - Water, tap and remove weeds from the Lucky Cactus to make sure it stays satisfied. - When it is satisfied, it grows faster. - While the Lucky Cactus is completely satisfied, tapping it may produce some Fertilizer bubbles. These bubbles can then popped to give you fertilizer. - Fertilizer bubbles are also given every time you log in after a few hours. - The bigger the Lucky Cactus, the bigger and faster it produces Luck symbols on its own.


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App Reviews

  • Actually Shook

    By Talia Wiggins
    So I bought this app merely out of curiosity and impulse, not really expecting much of anything from it. Since I had 25 dollars on my iTunes, I didn’t think it’d hurt to spend just 3. When I got the app, the ads really annoyed me, so I just turned off the WiFi whenever I opened the app, which solved the problem. It was addicting. For some reason, I couldn’t stop tapping the cactus! Eventually, I tried checking to see if it would work, and I was almost positive it wouldn’t. At 11:11, I tapped the cactus until the little trophy and star icons came up, and I decided to start a game in Fortnite duos. Either this cactus, 11:11, or just pure skills got me 2nd place. We couldn’t won if we had built our base on high grounds. Then, the next day I had band rehearsal after school. When I woke up that day, I tapped the lucky cactus, satisfied it with water and tapping, and gave it fertilizer. Throughout the day, I was wishing that we wouldn’t have band rehearsal because I dreaded it, and I knew this lucky cactus couldn’t possibly change the fact we had band. At the end of the day at school, my friend came running up to me saying “BAND WAS CANCELED! THE BAND TEACHER HAD TO GO HOME!” I stared at her in awe. I had told her about the lucky cactus the day before, she was the one I duoed with and I told her about the wish. Also, One of my other friends had a shirt with cactuses on it. You make think this review is fake or it’s just a coincidence, but I think this lucky cactus is LEGIT!
  • It’s alright

    By flipjacks
    For paying three bucks it shouldn’t have ads. It’s an entertaining don’t get me wrong, and also if I paid money for this why wouldn’t I be able to get the other stuff for free. But for three bucks not worth it. I could have bought my blunt wraps and been more satisfied to burn my money rather then had bought the game. So just buy with the intentions of getting ads and paying about fifty bucks worth of expensive items and upgrades.
  • Actually works!!!

    By Ririhorserider
    Guys I downloaded this like 2 days ago and was kinda mad at myself for wasting 3$ on it but the night I got this app there was a stray white cat that came to my house. He had very pretty blue eyes and he was so sweet and skinny. This morning I got up and he wasn’t there. All day I had been wishing that he’d come back and just 10 minutes ago he was outside my door. So I’ve been feeding him in hopes he’ll be here tomorrow!!! Guys it’s worth it!!!
  • It worked

    By slenky2000
    So my bf got in trouble and got his phone taken away and I wished that there would be a way I could txt him and the next day he txt me saying that he could txt on his mom/ brothers phone I really thought this didn’t work
  • Not impressed

    By 🍰🍰🍰🍰👅
    This is a total waste of money. It doesn’t even work. How can you have luck by growing and tapping on a stupid cactus????
  • It works!!!

    By alyciahammond
    The second day I got this I got chocolate milk spilled on me and my bf broke up with me but next week My crush says he likes me and now we are gonna go to sky zone together!! I’m so happy
  • U P S E T

    By Emily52&73728152$3?:!
    there is so many adds and it makes you buy stuff don’t fall for their fake reviews do not buy this app it is horrible i already paid 2.99 to get this app and it is making me buy more? Wow just wow I’m upset :(
  • currently disappointed.

    By luckycactuslover
    I have stumbled across a game called lucky cactus. I had paid $3 for this stupid game where all I do is tap. In reality, tapping a cactus should actually be harmful NOT lucky. In reality, this game seems like a waste of money and time. In reality, I haven’t noticed any REAL luck. (I got 100% on my math test) Besides the point, I also experienced some bad luck when I forgot to tap my cactus for the night. It was dead. I ended up playing terrible in my lacrosse game. In reality, I am pretty sure my boyfriend is cheating on me. Thank you lucky cactus, for being such an amazing app😝🌵
  • disappointed.

    By katelyn mayy
    overall, i would give this app a 1/10. here are the reasons why i’m so disappointed : i payed hard earned money for this app because i’ve been having bad luck recently. all this app does is show adds every 5 taps. i just don’t understand how i had to pay 3 dollars for an app that first of all, doesn’t even work, and second of all, still plays adds. i would get if this app was free, and the developers needed to make money. but, this is not the situation. another reason i’m not excited about the app is all you do is just tap a cactus. it’s supposed to give you ‘good luck’, but i’ve been using it non stop all day just to see if it worked, and of course, it did not. my overall point is do NOT buy this app. it is wasting money. all the good reviews out there are most likely payed people. i’m not happy with wasting my money on this app, and i hope you don’t fall for their tricks.
  • Meh...

    By Im_13
    It’s horrible! ☹️ sooo many ads and wth is this all you do? Water it? I’m bored out of my mind. I guess I give it another chance. I’m sorry if this review sounds childish, I’m 13 😂