Game of Thrones: Conquest™

Game of Thrones: Conquest™

By Warner Bros.

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  • Release Date: 2017-10-17
  • Current Version: 1.3.220380
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 153.59 MB
  • Developer: Warner Bros.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4.5/5 ( 13,339 App Reviews)
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Game of Thrones: Conquest™ App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 13,339 App Reviews

Game of Thrones: Conquest™ App Details

Westeros is at war. Great houses clash, dragons rule the sky, and the army of the dead threatens the realm.  Live out your fantasy and join the war.  Build your house and raise your army as you navigate a dangerous political landscape.  Based on the award winning HBO series, Game of Thrones: Conquest allows players to become a Lord in Westeros and define a strategy for conquering the Seven Kingdoms. Winter is here and your enemy’s army will not wait to clash swords.  Wage war and join the battle today to capture the Iron Throne! A TRUE GAME OF THRONES EXPERIENCE “In the game of thrones, you win or you die.” - Cersei Lannister -Become a lord of Westeros: Build your great house, create your sigil, and Fight for the Crown -Interact with key characters from the hit HBO series including Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Petyr Baelish, Cersei Lannister and more. -Capture 120+ iconic Seats of Power like Winterfell, Castle Black, Dragonstone, and King’s Landing -Navigate the dangerous political landscape using the innovative Allegiance System to live out the fantasy of claiming The Iron Throne and -winning the Great War THE SEVEN KINGDOMS WILL REMEMBER YOUR NAME “It’s the family name that lives on. It’s all that lives on.” - Tywin Lannister -Build your house and claim your territory to rise in political influence -Raise your army and clash against rival lords to capture iconic Seats of Power -Defend your strongholds, as each Seat of Power endows you with military and economic upgrades -Dominate the map, clash with your enemies, and spread your influence MAKE KINGS RISE AND FALL “Fight every battle everywhere, always, in your mind. Everyone is your enemy, everyone is your friend.” - Petyr Baelish -Master the innovative social system that allows players to recruit bannermen, fight wars alongside your allies, and live out your fantasy of ruling The Seven Kingdoms -Claim the Iron Throne - In a dynamic political world, choose between deception and loyalty as you shift your allegiances -Reward those loyal to you with titles like Hand of the King and Master of Coin as you build your Small Council -Bestow Seats of Power to your allies granting them special military and economic advantages Only in Game of Thrones: Conquest can you become a lord of Westeros and navigate the dangerous political system as you Fight for the Crown. Interact with key characters and capture  iconic locations from the award winning HBO TV series. Dominate your enemies by using an innovative Allegiance System that allows you to recruit your friends as bannermen as you rise to take The Iron Throne. LIVE THE FANTASY - PLAY NOW AND FIGHT FOR THE CROWN! Join the conversation: ™ & © 2017 Home Box Office, Inc. ™ & © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s17)


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App Reviews

  • Meh

    By up hours
    Been playing daily for about 6 months. Pros: -good time killer Cons: -in game purchases are very expensive. -there’s an odd dynamic to advancement; if you are a casual player, you will start to plateau around Keep Level 12. You can’t gather resources, upgrade, research, or amass troops quickly enough for it to really be worth your time. It can take several weeks to upgrade just a few buildings. So you have to PvP to gather resources faster, but at lower levels, you won’t be powerful enough to do this effectively. You won’t have the troop strength unless you farm new players, who don't have anything worth taking. -PvP is pretty rough. You aren’t matched with similar level players; you’re out on your own and a prime target for a much more powerful player to farm for resources. After about 6 months of casual play and spending about $30 in-game, I’m just shy of 1m gear power (the measurement the game uses to measure a player’s strength). This may sound high but it’s not, there are players running around with 5m, 10m, even 40m power. They’ll crush you and take all of those resources you spent several weeks amassing to upgrade your keep or buildings. Then, you’ll have to spend about a week collecting resources just to heal your troops so you can begin collecting resources and get back to square one. -Forging equipment to assist in your journey to more gear power is just unrealistic at higher levels. You won’t have the resources to forge anything worthwhile. -Joining a house is almost useless. Nobody really helps you in real time and 90% of the players are powerless against the 10% that spend probably thousands of dollars and are exponentially more powerful than anyone else. Conclusion: 2 stars because it has kept me marginally entertained for some months. Otherwise, this is a big money grab. You’ll download and play it anyway and tell yourself you won’t have to spend money. You will have to at some point to keep playing. You will have to dump entire paychecks to get to a level where you aren’t a farming target. You will spend months of your time trying to advance only to be set back at square one by a player that you will never ever be able to defend against. You will join a house for marginal protection and get sucked into every territory war until nothing is left. There are “strategies” out there to mitigate your losses but they marginally work. If you want to be a powerful player, you cannot play it casually; players spend their entire day on this game. Then, one day, the devs will realize that they’ve made enough money off of us and shut the game down.
  • Imbalanced

    By Mozzz
    Oh joy, it’s just another one of ‘those’ games. When level 38 players can attack level 16 players, it doesn’t motivate you to try & upgrade anything further because you know you’ll just keep getting attacked as you try to accumulate resources. Bye!
  • Love app good app

    By CHRIS THE CRITIC is not taken
    Subject says it for me
  • Needs lots of development

    By Me5754676
    This game is fun but very lacking in some area which make it quite frustrating, like as an alliance leader u have no control over your t3s and t4s.
  • Most Addicting & Awesomest Game

    By JerseyMomOf2
    Love playing and meeting different ppl around the world. Don't like the fact that the higher power player can attack anyone and your done but yea it's a war game. But once you reach a high enough level you should have to go to a different kingdom and give everyone the chance to power and level up.
  • Wish I could keep playing

    By BRS bassist
    For the most part this game is cool. There is a game breaking aspect of it that is so bad I don’t even know if I can keep playing it. In this game, the high level, big spenders prey on everyone lower than them, everyday, relentlessly. I believe certain teams are using cheats to know the exact moment to attack other players. The lower players have no recourse to prevent this, or strike back. Despite repeated attempts to alert the development team of this problem they have done zero to correct it. In most games if a high player hits a low player they get no benefit from doing so, because it would be stupid if they did. This game it’s almost encouraged for them to prey on the weak. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars in this game, and I am still a low player who is wiped out Day after day after Day. I don’t want to be done with it, but the choice is becoming not mine to make, unless I suddenly enjoy self inflicted pain.
  • Disappointed

    By Abloomsy
    I played this game for months, and if you would’ve asked me a while ago, I probably would’ve given it four stars (not five since it’s pretty basic for a wargame). Unfortunately, my first experience with customer service was less than impressive. Basically, due to a glitch in the game, I lost all of my troops while my phone was right next to me and didn’t receive a single notification. I submitted three separate tickets informing them of this incident, two were completely ignored and though they did respond once and acknowledge that it was a glitch they were aware of, they basically told me it was not there problem. I accept that these things happen from time to time, but the lack of support for someone that has consistently supported the game from the beginning, even when half the buildings you’re required to build have absolutely no purpose(some still don’t)Is extremely frustrating, particularly when you factor in the considerable amount of time it takes to do anything in the game. Seems to me, as long as they’re making money, they don’t particularly care about the players and their experience. I did give them an extra star, since for some reason I’m still playing (I invested so much time it’s hard to bring myself to just give up!). I don’t imagine it will stay that way for long however and will update my experience accordingly. It’s also worth noting that though it is advertised as a free to play game it’s pretty much impossible to keep up with the big players without shelling out a little bit of cash, which at this point I refuse to do considering the terrible customer support. *Customer service is an absolute joke. They went from at least admitting it was a glitch (when I went to the Known Bugs section at the time it was even listed) to telling me a week later it had nothing to do with the game. Do yourselves a favor and if you’re going to play, do it for free.
  • Original Shamrock

    By shamrock069
    I have invested over $900 dollars in this game only to wake up and find myself without all my stuff on my account set back to zero, my account is still there but I have no access to it.
  • False Advertising

    By Ezwheels23
    I had an advertisement for this game that used dice to take over different territories. (Similar to the board game risk, but with more dice based on your troops.) When I downloaded this game it turned out to be a more advanced and busy version of Clash of Clans. Very disappointed, don’t advertise what you aren’t selling.
  • Cheat you out money

    By no support wb
    I have spent hundreds of dollars in this game, and, due to my role in two alliances, I have encouraged loads of people to be active and spend money. However, when things go wrong in the game and I submit tickets, I get NO compensation. It is a complete waste of my time. I and so fed up with it that I will not spend a penny more. Do not support this company that robs you blind!